Cultures of Knowledge Case Study

This Live Data case study is the result of a collaboration between the Live Data project team and Cultures of Knowledge to visualise a subset of 1695 biographical entries collected for Early Modern Letters Online (EMLO) repository.

The visualisations were built by Martin Hadley, data scientist in the Academic IT Research Support team, using Shiny, RStudio’s interactive web application framework based on the programming language R. The visualizations were designed by the ‘Cultures of Knowledge’ Project Director Howard Hotson, Digital Project Manager Arno Bosse and Postdoctoral Research Fellow Robin Buning.

Cultures of Knowledge uses digital methods & interactive visualisations to reassemble & interpret the early modern correspondence network

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Robin Buning
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Robin Buning, ‘Collecting Biographies of the Members of Samuel Hartlib’s Circle: A Prosopographical Approach to Networking the Republic of Letters’. Paper presented at the conference ‘Reception, Reputation and Circulation in the Early Modern World, 1500-1800’, Galway, 22-25 March 2017.

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