The Interactive Data Network (IDN) provides support, training and consultancy in the development of interactive data visualisations of research data at Oxford University, provided by Research Support Services in IT Services.

We currently provide support in creating interactive visualisations using a variety of "point & click" and scripting tools, contact us for support in thinking about and presenting your research through web-based visualisations via researchsupport@it.ox.ac.uk 

IDN Shinyapps.io

University of Oxford has a subscription to shinyapps.io where researchers may host their interactive data visualisations built using R and Shiny. To learn more about this read the IDN Shinyapps.io Guide, or email researchsupport@it.ox.ac.uk.

We provide the following support in producing visualisations for shinyapps.io:

The visualisation embedded here is the result of Case Study with the Oxford Internet Institute to build an interactive dashboard for the Online Labour Index project
which seeks to provide the first economic indicator for the online gig economy. This is hosted on the IDN shinyapps.io account.

Supported Visualisation Tools

The IDN provides expertise and advice in using a wide variety of visualisation tools, click the images below for guides to the most popular tools we work with.


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