Data Repositories

Data repositories provide Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) allowing your research data to be discovered and cited in a simple and reproducible manner. At the least, the data repositories listed here provide the following:

  • Meta-data rich containers for research data
  • DOI for individual deposits
  • Controlled access, differs between service and may only apply to licensing of data

Some repositories provide the ability to version your deposit, i.e. if more data becomes available or a correction is identified you can simply create a new version of the DOI, for example

See for further advice on repository selection, or else for a global registry of data repositories. For information about connecting Shiny apps to these data repositories see this guide.

  ORA Figshare Zenodo

Provides a versioning DOI

(i.e. and,

Support Embargos YES YES YES
Maximum individual file size 2Gb 5Gb See
Maximum total size of deposit 5Gb Unlimited (for public deposits, 20Gb for private deposits) 50Gb per dataset


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