Dataviz & Reproducibility

rdm trinity

All research outputs should be uniquely identified by a DOI. It's essential for your data and publication to be independently citable with DOI for innumerable reasons, but here are some good examples:

  • Data as "supplementary materials" thoroughly undervalues the importance of the data.
  • Supplementary materials are typically limited to PDF files. PDF files are an extremely poor format for ALL data formats (tables, images or text)!
  • Many data repositories allow your data to be versioned, allowing datasets to grow and mature over time.

As all with all research outputs, all researchers should be uniquely identifiable via an University of Oxford affiliated ORCID. Registering your ORCID with DataCite and CrossRef provides a centralised, automatically updated bibliography of all your DOI-registered research outputs.

Open Data and Reproducible Research are central to the goals of the IDN. We thoroughly recommend that the reproducible components of your visualisation outputs (i.e. the scripts and code that generate your charts/maps/diagrams) are also deposited with DOI-issuing repositories. This creates a "citation trinity" via your ORCID between: your research data, publication, interactive visualisations.

Data Repositories

A good question to ask is:

What counts as a data repository?

The answer to that depends on whether you need:

It's worthwhile investigating the three different types of services described above before considering your obligations to Oxford University and your funding agency with regard to data deposits. But the following is a useful catch all statement:

All UK Research Councils are moving towards mandating research data archival for future access by both researchers and the public. Oxford University's Research Data Management Policy provides details of your obligations to data management and provides advice on repository selection through In the absence of an obvious repository, this advice refers academics to which provides an overwhelming global registry of hundreds of data repositories and services.


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