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Interactivity allows readers to gain an understanding of research data, replicating the researcher's own exploratory data analysis.

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Providing different visualisations of the same data increases the accessibility and ease of understanding of research datasets

The Interactive Data Network (IDN) supports researchers at University of Oxford in designing and developing data visualisations of research datasets to counter the issue of Open but invisible Data. Research councils and other funders are mandating that research data is deposited in data repositories, but there's a disconnect between these and publications - called the data gap.

The IDN promotes a reproducible dataviz workflow to research at Oxford that intrinsically links together authors, datasets, and publications. If you're an academic at University of Oxford and would like advice or support in creating or hosting dataviz then contact us at researchsupport@it.ox.ac.uk.

The IDN has a number of case studies of collaborations with researchers from all four divisions of the University. This page has a case study from a collaboration with the Oxford Internet Institute to visualise the Online Gig Economy. Here's a summary of how the case study satisfies a reproducible dataviz workflow

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